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Zoecity.com Announces the Launch of Groundbreaking Website Designed to Change the Way Christians Access Content Online

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Zoecity.com Announces the Launch of Groundbreaking Website Designed to Change the Way Christians Access Content Online

(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) -- Zoecity today announced the launch of their groundbreaking new website at www.zoecity.com. Zoecity is a content aggregation engine that uses sharing activity on social media sites to rank content, identifying the hottest topics, current events and news that impact Christians on any given day. The information is then pushed back to the user through popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

"This is the ultimate in Christian content discovery," explains Colin Wong, co-founder and CEO. "Zoecity was designed to help Christians wade through the sea of noise to find relevant content. With information spread out across the internet in so many locations, most Christians have difficulty keeping up with new articles, videos, podcasts, music and other content of interest. We're here to simplify the experience."

Zoecity monitors hundreds of Christian websites, including Christianity Today, Christian Post, Crosswalk.com, Gospel.com, RelevantMagazine.com, Tangle.com, CBN as well as many prominent Christian bloggers. The engine measures how frequently the content in these websites is being shared on Facebook and Twitter. The more something is shared, the more relevant it becomes. These links are then ranked with the best content pushed out to Facebook, Twitter and other relevant channels.

Zoecity was founded by Wong and Rocky Tannehill, who serves as Vice President of Business Development. Together, they bring years of business and technical expertise, combined with Tannehill's extensive ministry background.

Wong hails from Google engineering and managed their largest global Fortune 1000 customers including AOL, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Microsoft and more. Wong was part of the early Google team that launched the highly successful AdSense program that enabled online publishers to monetize their content. Wong also created Google's AdWords Sales Engineering team that managed Google's largest advertisers.

Tannehill has served in full-time ministry for over 19 years, pioneering churches across the North American continent. He holds seminary degrees from both Liberty University and Oral Roberts University, and currently manages his own private development and investment group.

Zoecity maintains offices in both Seattle, Washington and Nashville, Tennessee.