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Purpose-Driven Eyewear Company Will Work With Ministry to Transform Lives by Helping People Experience Clear Vision

West Middlesex, Pa. (February 8, 2010) - Purpose-driven eyewear company Eyes of Faith Optical has announced a partnership with RestoringVision.org, a non-profit organization which supplies reading glasses and sunglasses to groups going on missions abroad as well as those serving the underprivileged in the U.S.

"Eyes of Faith Optical is thrilled to announce our new partnership with RestoringVision.org," says Jim Schneider, Director of Purpose, Eyes of Faith Optical. "For every pair of Eyes of Faith frames that are sold through our business partners, Eyes of Faith will donate a pair of reading glasses to faith-based mission groups. There are so many people in developing countries that can't work or read their Bibles because they simply can't see. RestoringVision.org has already touched the lives of 925,000 people with reading glasses or sunglasses. Together, we can change many lives by giving the gift of sight with Eyes of Faith."

"We are very excited to have a partnership with Eyes of Faith," says RestoringVision.org Director Mark Sachs. "Working together, we can transform lives by helping people experience clear vision."

Eyes of Faith Optical is a new brand of eyewear that has Purpose, Passion, and Style. Through the Eyes of Faith Foundation, the eyewear brand expresses their Purpose by giving back to God, the ultimate designer, while allowing their customers to participate in giving as well. Since Eyes of Faith will donate 10% of gross sales each year, customers can know that a portion of every single dollar they spend with the company will go to reputable Christian charitable organizations. Eyes of Faith Optical's Passion is the marketing and sales of distinctive eyewear that not only exhibits excellent craftsmanship and fashion-forward concepts, but also provides an opportunity for believers to share their faith in a way that sparks conversation about God in their daily lives. Eyes of Faith Optical's Style is already catching on as the first faith-based ophthalmic line to be distributed exclusively through eyecare professionals.

"Eyes of Faith Optical is a company that is committed to helping its customers see the world a little differently," says Larry Haynes, Executive Director, Community Foundation of Western Pa. and Eastern Ohio. "Very few companies are willing to commit a high percentage of their overall sales to help others. Eyes of Faith is that type of company."

Since their brand identity launch at Disney's Night of Joy, the Eyes of Faith line has been unveiled at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. The official product launch will kick off at SECO International this week in Atlanta. Coming soon are appearances at the Texas Optometric Association in Austin, and then it's off to Vision Expo East in New York.

In the meantime, customers, eyecare professionals and celebrities alike are clamoring for Eyes of Faith eyewear.

"Customers are telling us that Eyes of Faith is a product that has meaning to them and they're embracing it," says Schneider. "Everybody keeps asking, 'When can we get the Eyes of Faith frames?' They're coming!"

For more information on Eyes of Faith Optical, the Eyes of Faith Foundation and the new Eyes of Faith eyewear line, visit eyesoffaithoptical.com.

For more information about how you can help donate reading glasses, visit RestoringVision.org.