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The 2010 Mother’s Day Sampler CD

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As you may have been aware Fusemix.com Is Producing a Special Music Sampler CD called The 2010 Mothers Day Sampler CD (2010MDS CD).

Each Download Card has an access code on it that is valid for downloading the 2010MDS CD featured on the card. When a user is ready to download the 2010MDS CD, they simply visit 2010motherday.com or fusemix.com and click on the “Redeem Download Card” button. They’ll simply register with the site, enter that access code and there done. The 2010MDS CD will automatically start downloading immediately.

The Cd Series will be helping new/up and coming Independent Artists get the exposure they so desire and need in order for them to advance in their ministry and careers in the direction they are lead.

The 2010MDS CD is a sure way of making sure that the audience knows just how well you really sound. Through our many giveaways getting your music out to the audience has never been easier, less expensive, or more effective. No one pays for the CD instead we give them away for FREE. This means that consumers worldwide get their Hands on your promo.

Fusemix.com will be printing 100,000 download cards (opposed to pressing 100,000 Physical CDS) which will be redeemable on 2010motherdays.com and fusemix.com. The Download cards will be used as promotional giveaways to increase the exposure of those artists selected for these special projects. The CD will also be handed out to Music Industry Reps such as Dj’s, Record Labels, Producers, Youth Pastors, TV & Radio Stations, Promoters, Showcasing, contests, drawings, and more as prizes. The 2010 Mothers Day Sampler CD is totally dedicated to the Advancement of unsigned artist.

Fusemix.com is one of the Leading Urban Christian Music & Dj Portal in the world and we present various opportunities for unsigned artists to progress successfully in the entertainment industry by providing global exposure, creating relationships through networking, and promoting and supporting venues to showcase talents. This gives artist great opportunities to get true audience feedback and exposure.


The Download Cards will be given to Media Stations ( Both Audio & Video), Dj’s , Record Labels Executives & Producers, Industry professional , at concerts, drawings, showcasing, Independent Music Retailers, and other promo locations (All Nationwide) as well as the public and other artists attending any music festivals that we’ll be attending.

Because The Download Cards will only have limited tracks of each of the selected artist's music, this will increase the desire to purchase the artist's other songs/albums as well.

Contact and Booking information will be listed on the download page as well as included on the download files; so if the person receiving the Download Cards likes what they hear they know where to go to purchase the artists full songs, CDs, Merchandise or Bookings.

Download Cards will be distributed By 2010 Mothers Day Staff, Fusemix Staff , Stream Teams, Dj’s and Affiliates in cities across the world therefore increasing the artist's exposure into areas the artists was not known, Because Fusemix.com has a global focus artist get recognition all over the world.

Download Cards instantly become collector’s item the minute any artist gets signed.

Requirements for the sampler Project:

All Music Must Be Original Material and copy written.

Artists submitting must have a completed professional CD project ready for sale, either as a Single, EP, or Album.

Artist must have an online presence when one can purchase their music.

For More Information about CDs, you can:

Email info@2010motherday.com or info@fusemix.com

Submission Process
The Media Submission is on a 1st come 1st Served basis.

Each Submission is $40 per song/ track submitted.

Send your media electronically to: samplercd@fusemix.com