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Scott A. Shuford, founder of FrontGate Media, featured in ADWEEK’s “Don’t Fear the Faith”

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Orange County, CA – Scott A. Shuford, founder of FrontGate Media: the leading pop-culture media group reaching the Faith & Family Values audience was interviewed for ADWEEK’s feature article “Don't Fear the Faith - Marketers could be making a mistake when they fail to engage 'faith-based shoppers' on the basis of their religious beliefs.”

The article addresses mainstream companies’ marketing to “values” shoppers, already represented $4.6 billion worth of Christian products purchased by consumers annually according to a recent article in USA Today. In it, Shuford was interviewed about the interest of and approach to the faith and family marketplace.  In a market where nearly 50% of consumers state that faith plays a part in their buying habits, companies that understand and reach out to the faith market often find a community eager to support companies that display alignment with their views.

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About FrontGate Media
FrontGate Media is the largest pop-culture media group & marketing service reaching the faith and family values audience which represents $4.6 billion worth of Christian products purchased by consumers annually according to a recent article in USA Today. The FrontGate Media group reaches 15 million email subscribers, 25 million monthly page views, 600,000+ at annual events and 46 million+ television households. The media group is #1 in reach to several individual demographics in the faith and family values audience including entertainment fans, music fans, church musicians and worship leaders, youth leaders and youth group kids, and political conservatives.

The media group includes The Washington Times, Youth Specialties, Biola Media Conference, iTickets.com, HearItFirst.com, the Creation Festivals, Gospel Music Channel, American Family Association, HollywoodJesus, Human Events, enewsletters from Newt Gingrich & Ann Coulter, RedState, National Review Online, NewReleaseTuesday.com, Spirit West Coast, ConversantLife, Shoutlife, ChristianGuitar.org, Christian Musician, Worship Musician, Creation Festival: The Tour, Creator, TheWorshipCommunity.com and more.

The firm serves as both conduit and coach for brands and companies desiring to reach any and every demographic of faith-based consumers through promotional campaigns within its media group. FrontGate also provides social media services, public relations, merchandise development and mobile giving services. The company has been repeatedly honored by World Vision as their #1 emedia partner, and plays a key role in the success of movie studios, non-profit organizations, publishers and authors, record labels and artists and more seeking “creative & emerging media” outlets.  The company has been featured in Adweek previously as an authority on the “Role Of Religion In Modern Consumer Culture.”