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Jose Flores Talks About The JudahFlo Clothing Line

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I was born and raised in Rochester, NY. I had a pretty good childhood but at the same time was exposed to the dark side of the city. My family relocated to Florida to provide my sister and I with a better quality of life away from the drugs, violence, and the elements that it brought with it. I struggled for a while just like any other teen trying to find my place in life. It was during that time that I came to know Jesus Christ through a friend. I was so excited and I wanted everyone to experience what I was experiencing. It would become a journey that would change the course of my life forever. I have had the opportunity to work with teens and youth secularly as well as in ministry and it’s from these experiences and opportunities that Judah Flo was birthed in my heart.

The Dream

I have always had a love for art. A few years ago I had the desire to start my own clothing line. I had no idea or any experience on how or even where to begin but what I did have was a passion to create a brand that would impact my generation in a positive way. I decided to trust God and put it in his hands. I began learning and God began to put people in my path who have helped me realize my dream. I want to let people know that they can achieve anything they put their heart to no matter what the limitations may be. If you just focus on God and His will for your life, He will equip you and put people in your path who will help you fulfill your dreams.

The Collection

Judah Flo Made For Royalty is a scripture-based brand. The Lion of the tribe of Judah represents Jesus inspired by scripture in Revelation 5:5. The sword represents the word of God and “Flo” is the first part of my last name, Flores. God makes us Royalty and he calls us to be at a higher level. Despite the different seasons of life we may have been through; the hurt, the pain, the losses, setbacks, and failures we can’t forget the victories and blessings. It all has led us into the divine will of God for our lives. I wanted the line to be built on faith and high quality designs, each one with its own individual message. My mission is to keep creating high-end premium designs reaching lives with a positive message and expanding the brand into different products and partnerships.